Donate to the Nanaimo Museum

Giving our past a future…

Individuals or families can be part of our future by making a gift to the Nanaimo Museum!  You can get involved with the museum in a unique or traditional way with a pledge, monthly gift, in-kind donation or bequest.

Life Member Mary Holmes, who we lost in 2015, became a sponsor through a gift left to the museum in her will. No specific use was designated so the funds will be used for our in-house feature exhibits. A Legacy Bequest is one of many ways you can support the museum.

Below is a form to donate online – please contact Debbie Trueman at (250) 753-1821 or to learn more about monthly

Types of Donations

One-time Donation– single or lump-sum donation.

Monthly Donation– a regular contribution 12 times annually.

In Memoriam– a donation in memory of a loved one who has passed away; may be donated by an individual or group.

Legacy Bequest– a contribution included in your will.

Endowment Fund– a contribution to the museum’s endowment; interest from this fund supports annual development.