Trick or Truth

Trick or Truth: Revealed!  


Before you scroll down, did you guess which video was a trick?

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Trick or Truth?

So you’ve watched all four videos, and now’s the time to find out which three were based on real experiences, and which one was a trick!  


Visitor Out of Time


This ghost story was inspired by the real experiences of an anonymous former employee at Nanaimo Museum.

Once Again – With a Sinking Feeling


This ghost story was inspired by the 1898 catastrophic flooding of Mine no. 5 in East Wellington. Mine overman Thomas Haggart’s house was consumed by a giant sinkhole that was caused by the mine flooding. Accounts of local residents hearing piano music late at night have persisted for over 120 years. 

Fright on Front St.


This ghost story was inspired by the real experiences of long-time Bastion employee Bill Poppy. Many current and former employees have reported unsettling and unexplainable experiences in the building.


Spectre of Reverence


This ghost story is our attempt at making up a local ghost story. It’s in no way real — unless you’ve experienced something like this, and we’re just psychic!

Thank you for participating in Trick or Truth: Haunted Nanaimo Experience! 

We hope you enjoyed it! Did we scare you, even a little bit?

Happy Halloween! Have a spooky, fun, and safe time! See you again soon!