Virtual Miner’s Cottage Tour

Grade K-3 – Online Pre-recorded Program 

Cost: $10 per class for 1 month access, from date of booking confirmation 

Video length: 11m 37s. 

Activity: Non-electronic playtime classroom inquiry, guided by the Educator’s Guide.  

Museum Host Jenny leads us on an exploration through the historic Miner’s Cottage, and helps us learn about how miners and their families lived in Nanaimo about 100 years ago. What did they do in the evenings? How did they cook their meals? Where did they go to the bathroom?  What chores did children help with? What toys did they play with?  

The video incorporates call-and-response style questions, and suggestions for classroom inquiry pause-points, supported by an Educator’s Guide, which will provide timecodes and help prepare the educator for the classroom inquiries. The end of the video kicks off a classroom discussion about non-electronic games and toys, and how current students’ lives are different and similar to those of children in the past, guided by prompts in the Educator’s Guide.

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Follow-up Q& A: Miner’s Cottage (Optional)

Cost: $10 per class for 15-minute session

Do you think your students will have more questions? Add on a 15-minute Follow-up Q&A Session. When filling out the booking form below, choose a date near the end of your month of access, or after it, and check the box for the Miner’s Cottage Follow Up Q&A. A museum educator will connect with your class via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The purpose of this session is to answer burning questions, satisfy curiosity, and extend the discussion on the program topics. Be sure to have student questions on hand to make the most of this session.  


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  • Unless otherwise noted, programs are in-person at the museum.

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