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Past Exhibit: MMIWG Dress

Ay Lelum Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Dress

On exhibit at the Nanaimo Museum from October – February, this dress was designed by Ay Lelum-The Good House of Design for the Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week Red Dress event in 2019, worn by Emcee Lorelei Williams.
The back of the dress has large hummingbirds, representing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) as they were in the physical realm on this earth, as symbols of love and beauty. The roses signify the Coast Salish flower of life, and the creation of beauty itself. They honor our bringers of life and our Matriarchs.
As the hummingbirds travel among the roses to the front of the dress, they leave us, travelling into their spiritual journey. The MMIWG are represented in the spirit by white over the heart, signifying purity and healing. Although they are not here in the physical, they are here in spirit.
Artist Website: https://aylelum.com/


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Ay Lelum MMIWG Dress