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Spring Break: Kids’ Case Files-Dangerous Cargo

Date(s) - 12/03/2024 - 23/03/2024
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Spring Break – Kids’ Case Files: Dangerous Cargo

A real banger!

This spring break, a classic returns! Kids’ Case Files: Dangerous Cargo is back, March 9-23, Tues-Sat.

In this code-cracking, puzzle-solving challenge, guests ages 9-99 relive the S.S. Oscar explosion of 1913! All the drama, suspense, and heart-pounding excitement of this dynamite-fuelled, nearly-tragic disaster with none of the danger. Join Captain MacDonald’s crew, read his encrypted notes, and follow along on her final voyage to the bottom of Nanaimo’s Harbour.

For kids 4-8, try the Dangerous Cargo I Spy instead. Search for key moments in the S.S. Oscar’s final day using the Oscar storybook and colour in your favourite pages.

Families: Drop in anytime! Kids’ Case Files: Dangerous Cargo is included with admission by donation and available 10-4, Tues-Sat, from March 9 through March 23, 2024.


Spring Break Camps: Please book your visit in advance

Your campers will love Dangerous Cargo! They’ll work in small teams to solve the puzzles and follow the S.S. Oscar’s fateful voyage. Camp leaders will receive a program outline to help guide their campers from station to station, with staggered starts built-in. Leaders can choose from the I Spy or the Challenge, depending on the campers’ ages.

Please book your visit in advance. Spring Break Camp visits are booked for 60-minute timeslots to allow for ample time to play and explore. The cost is admission by donation.

Contact Steph,, to book.


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