COVID-19: Nanaimo Stories

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    1. Has the pandemic affected your employment, business or income?:
    (For example: describe any changes that have happened and how you have adapted)

    2. Please describe how your daily routine has changed as a result of COVID-19:

    3. What are your greatest challenges or worries since COVID-19?:

    4. What positive actions, stories or impacts have you observed during this pandemic?:
    (For example: How has your family spent this time together? Have you observed acts of kindness? Have you taken part in any recognition of essential workers? Etc)

    5. Please describe your thoughts about how Nanaimo has responded to the pandemic:

    6. What do you think will be the long-term consequences of the pandemic?:

    7. Please add anything that has not been covered in the above questions:

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    Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Your contribution to the COVID-19: Nanaimo Stories project is an important part of telling Nanaimo's story!