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A Call for Justice: Fighting for Japanese Redress (1977-1988)

May 12 – September 3

22,000 Japanese Canadians were forced to leave their homes on BC’s coast during World War II. Many were transported to internment camps while the government sold their homes, businesses and belongings. Their struggle to gain an apology and compensation from Canada is celebrated in A Call for Justice: Fighting for Japanese Canadian Redress (1977-1988), a traveling exhibit from the Nikkei National Museum. The exhibit runs from May 12-September 3 at the Nanaimo Museum.

A Call for Justice explores human rights and the determination of the Japanese Canadian community. The exhibit examines the ten-year fight for redress using historic photographs, artifacts, poetry, personal statements, art and video. 2018 is the 30th anniversary of the Canadian government’s official apology to Japanese Canadians.

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