Kids’ Case Files – Spring Break 2019

Take a step into Nanaimo’s past and solve a real, 1924 bank robbery at Nanaimo Museum during Spring Break this March. Linked with the Nanaimo Mysteries  feature exhibit, two new programs will entertain and fascinate kids through the two week break. The activities are designed for children aged 4-15 to participate in, along with their parents, grandparents, or caregivers.

Ages 4+: Kids’ Case Files: Bank Heist Scavenger Hunt

Bank Heist Scavenger hunt is a fun I-Spy game through the gallery. With the help of an adult, young children will look for pictures hidden around the gallery that tell the story of the 1924 robbery of Nanaimo’s Royal Bank.

Ages 9+: Kids’ Case Files: Bank Heist Challenge

Older children, with their caregivers, will step into the shoes of the robbers, and try to evade the authorities by solving puzzles and cracking codes through the gallery.

Details for families:

Both the Scavenger Hunt and the Challenge are available from 10-5pm, Monday to Saturday through Spring Break, March 18-March 30. Activities are self-guided and available on a drop-in basis. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and adults are encouraged to participate with their young visitors. Activities are included with admission, and take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Details for Day Camps:

Day Camps must book group-friendly versions of the programs in advance, to ensure supplies and space are available in the gallery. Please contact Steph Kveton at to book.

The Nanaimo Mysteries exhibit contains content which may be disturbing to some visitors. All organized children’s activities take place outside of the feature gallery. Nanaimo Mysteries is on display until September 2nd. 

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